why Hire a planner

two event planners hired to plan event and they are drinking coffee and planning the event

Why hire a planner? Well, I suppose that could be considered a loaded question coming from me. However, I think all events should have a planner, especially ones as important as a wedding. Yes, in most people’s eyes we are considered a luxury vendor, however, perhaps me explaining what a good planner does will help answer that.

A planner can assist with as little or as much as needed. Tailoring a plan to suit your vision and where the help is required. A priority is creating timelines and keeping you organized, letting you know where you are in the process at all times and what’s next. A planner assists with budgeting and where to allocate those funds. We live in this industry. We know what is out there and stay up to date on new hotspots and everchanging trends. That idea in your head that you are envisioning, we know just the vendor to make that happen. With a wide range in contacts, we can keep you steered in the right direction to stay on budget and create that unforgettable moment. 

The difference between a good planner and one that will just take you through the motions is honesty. Not always what you want to hear, a strong planner lets you know what to expect, good or bad. What is realistic within your budget, what is possible within the walls of your venue, and what time allows. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some pretty amazing things done and pulled some stuff off that even impressed myself. But, realistically every event is going to have some limitations somewhere.

hire a planner On the big day

Of course, the day of organization that is provided by a planner is also huge. There is nothing worse than worrying about everything coming together correctly on the big day. I almost like to think of a planner as a good insurance policy. We have the master list and hold everyone accountable to where they are supposed to be and when. We make sure you are not worried about the little things and get to actually enjoy the event. If something goes wrong (hopefully it doesn’t…but if it does), we take care of it. We have a team of professionals on our side and fix the issue before anyone even knows there was one.

Why hire a planner? After all, if you were building a house you would call on the advise of an architect, wouldn’t you? Let us do what we do best.

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