brittney + justin big wedding turned micro

bride and groom happy wedding

Brittney and Justin knew exactly how they wanted to celebrate their wedding. When the big wedding turned micro it was an extremely tough decision for them to make. 

Brittney and Justin both love the foodie life. The people, the party, all things that make them so happy. Being that they both work in the industry and enjoy dining at new places on their days off together, they knew what they wanted. One of the first things they told us was that they wanted to be a part of the party. They didn’t want to miss a thing. Originally planning for a celebration with 150 friends and family, they were truly planning for a party to remember with dancing till the AM.   

big wedding turned micro

As the restrictions came in they just made the cut for a 20 person “intimate wedding“.  Their decision, not an easy one to make, was to go ahead with the ceremony as a micro wedding. They ultimately decided that marrying each other was their top priority. With a fairly quick change of all plans these two were thrilled to still spend their big day with their closest friends and family. 

With their first look being in the City, tears of joy were brought to their eyes. This amazing and fun-loving couple had a small reception in a quaint Vancouver bistro that was lit by candlelight. A beautiful evening to celebrate the couple with plans still in place to have the “after party” of a lifetime on their 1 year anniversary.

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